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9 Amazing Benefits of Outdoor Play in Early Years

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I am going to tell you something that you will agree with me instantly. 

Yes, these are the things with which the universe will nod its head in agreement.

Can you go back to the place where you spent your childhood?

I am sure the waves of nostalgia are hitting you harder right now.

Am I guessing it right?

Can you compare your childhood with your child?

How are they spending their precious moments?

Burying faces inside the gadgets or might be playing PlayStations. 

Well, I will tell you the benefits of outdoor play in the early years.

I am sure you will take your little one out once you finish reading. 

So, let’s explore the importance of outdoor play in early childhood.

Before delving into the topic. Let me explain 

Benefits of Outdoor Play in Early Years

What is emotional growth and development in toddlers?

Emotional development involves understanding one’s feelings, identifying why it happen, and finding effective ways to manage it. For example, They start to say ‘I am upset or clap their hands when they are excited.

Boosting Happiness

Have you ever noticed the expression of your little one when they are roaming outside? They laugh, giggle, smile, and laugh when they run around. Let them immerse in nature and play with them. You are boosting their happy hormones.

Reducing Stress

Believe it or not, nature has the power to melt down their worries & stress. If your toddler is angry without any reason. Please take them into nature. Sometimes, you underrate the importance of outdoor play in the early years.

Building confidence

What would be your reaction, if your toddler climbed something, or jumped outside? Let them learn new skills. For instance: Try to do gardening with tiny humans and teach them how to do planting, watering or weeding. Please don’t expect perfection. Let them do things their way.

Learning self-expression

Toddlers often shout, sing, and dance outside without worries. It helps them to express their feelings freely.Ask them what their feeling is. Please help them to articulate it properly.Yes, learning self expression is one of the splendid benefits of playing outside in the early years.

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Social skills

When your toddler is playing with other kids outside. They are learning how to cooperate and get along with others. Make use of every opportunity to play with others.


When a toddler plays outside, they might encounter various challenges. Every time they use their brain to figure out how to overcome obstacles. Indeed, outdoor play improves their brain functions. So, without a doubt, we can say it is one of the amazing benefits of outdoor play in the early years.

Healthy emotions

Toddlers experience a wide range of emotions like excitement, curiosity and even fear just like grownups.The fresh air outside helps to balance their emotions and  assist them to feel.

Learning Empathy

It is common for one of the teammates to get hurt or cry during the play. Because they are kids and they don’t hide their feelings. Use this as an opportunity to teach them how to understand other emotions and different ways to console others.

Fueling curiosity 

What is this? Why the tree ks stooping down ? What the butterflies are chasing for? Toddlers are the source of unlimited questions. It comes out of their curiosity. Listen to it carefully and answer it peacefully. Nature is best to ignite their curiosity. Give them answers and quench their their thirst.

Let’s Wrap Up

The great outdoors is a treasure trove of inspiration. Whether it’s building castles in the sand, creating art with leaves, or pretending to be explorers, outdoor play stimulates a toddler’s imagination and creativity. Nature is a fantastic classroom. Outdoor play exposes toddlers to different shapes, colors, and textures. Exploring the natural world also encourages curiosity and a love for learning. Let them play outside and experience the wonderful benefits of outdoor play in the early years.

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