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How to Encourage Outdoor Play in Kids? 20 Expert Tips

How to encourage outdoor play in kids? This is one of the hot topics parents discuss whenever they meet another parent. Do you agree with me?

Before we agree, let me ask you a question! Do you think it’s safer for kids to stay inside? If you support the idea of kids staying indoors, what motivates you to say so?

If your child is staying inside for a long time, please listen to the advice of Dr. Mark Tremblay.

Dr. Mark Tremblay, a scientist at CHEO, says that being indoors too much can cause problems for children. They might become overweight, get Type 2 diabetes, or even have mental health issues.

Dr. Tremblay wants to bust the myth that indoors is always safer. He believes that, health-wise, staying indoors isn’t great for kids. This means we need to rethink how much time they spend inside.

If you are unaware of the health benefits of playing outside, just have a look here benefits of outdoor play.

. It will open your eyes, I am sure!

And if you don’t know how to make backyard games fun and engaging, I have a solution for this too. Read on to discover 20 fun-oriented outdoor games.

Okay, let’s get to our topic.

In this blog, I am trying to find solutions on how to encourage outdoor play in kids. Read and find tips and tricks to bring your child outdoors without pressure.

How to Encourage Outdoor Play in Kids (20 tried & tested methods)

Lead by example

It means, leave your gadgets indoors and roll your sleeves up. Show your kids how enjoyable outdoor activities can be by engaging in them yourself. For example, Take hikes, go for bike rides, or play sports in the yard together. When they see you having fun outside, they’ll be more inclined to join in.No need of pressure !

Create a designated outdoor play area

Set up a play space in your backyard or local park with swings, a slide, and maybe even a sandbox. Having a dedicated area specifically for outdoor play can make it more enticing for kids to spend time outside.If you don’t have a space outside, take them to nearby parks and let them play.Next time, they will pester you for outdoor play.

Limited Screen Time

Gadgets are the criminal lurking behind the veil. Can you tell how much time your gadgets have taken? So, it is important to establish rules around screen time and encourage outdoor play as an alternative. For example, you might allow an hour of screen time after two hours spent playing outside. If you instill the true joy of outdoor games, you won’t need a designated time for them

Organize outdoor playdates

Coordinate with other parents to arrange outdoor playdates at the park or in someone’s backyard. This not only provides social interaction but also adds an element of excitement to outdoor play. I am sure they will eagerly await playtime if you do so, because I see it happening every day!

Introduce new outdoor games and sports

Yes, this is another simple way to encourage outdoor play in kids. Teach your kids new games like capture the flag, frisbee, or soccer. Switching up the activities keeps things fresh and exciting.

Provide outdoor toys and equipment

I don’t mean you have to buy every toy that comes your way. Instead, invest in essentials like balls, bicycles, scooters, and jump ropes. Having these items readily available makes it easy for kids to spontaneously head outside and play.

Incorporate nature into play

Don’t underestimate the power of nature. Take them for nature walks and let them explore the flora and fauna. Collect leaves, rocks, and flowers, and encourage your child to observe and appreciate the nature around them. It will definitely build a love for nature.

Encourage imaginative play

Encourage your kids to use their imagination outdoors. They can create forts out of branches, pretend to be pirates searching for treasure, or act out scenes from their favorite stories.

Offer rewards or incentives

Use rewards to motivate outdoor play, such as earning stickers for each hour spent outside that can later be traded in for a special treat or privilege. Who doesn’t love rewards and gifts? You can use a DIY sticker book to track the hours they spend outside.

Plan outdoor scavenger hunts

Create scavenger hunt lists with items like pinecones, feathers, or specific types of flowers for your kids to find. This adds an element of excitement and adventure to outdoor play.

Involve kids in gardening

Give your kids their own small garden plot where they can plant and care for flowers or vegetables. Watching their plants grow can be incredibly rewarding and encourage a deeper appreciation for nature. Yes, this is another way to encourage outdoor play in kids. Here, you are laying a foundation to develop a connection with nature. Remember, don’t expect perfection in their gardening. Hire them as your assistants and show them. Slowly, they will become the best at farming!

Schedule family outings

Plan regular outings to outdoor destinations like the beach, zoo, or botanical gardens. These outings provide opportunities for exploration and family bonding in a natural setting. Please select a place that offers excitement for your child. Otherwise, they may find it boring and won’t want to come with you next time.

Make outdoor chores fun

Turn mundane outdoor tasks into games. For example, see who can rake the biggest pile of leaves or have a race to see who can pull the most weeds.How is my idea?

Teach outdoor skills

Teach your kids practical outdoor skills like fishing, camping, or building a fire. These activities not only promote outdoor play but also instill valuable life skills.

Emphasize health benefits

Talk to your kids about the importance of fresh air, sunlight, and physical activity for their overall health and well-being.Sometimes, they don’t understand what you have meant. Just simplify your language and tell them the what they are going to get. For example: Exposure into sunlight will make your stringer!

Encourage artistic expression

Provide sidewalk chalk or paints and let your kids get creative outdoors. They can decorate the driveway or paint rocks to display in the garden.

Create a backyard obstacle course

Set up a challenging obstacle course in the backyard using items like cones, hula hoops, and balance beams. Encourage friendly competition and see who can complete the course the is just to add a fun element. No serious challenge is intended.

Organize camping trips

Plan family camping trips or backyard camping adventures. Camping provides a unique opportunity for outdoor exploration and adventure.

Encourage water play

splash!! Spish!! Wow!! Let’s bring the funny water game. It will be loved by everyone. So, get ready to Invest in water toys like sprinklers, water balloons, or a kiddie pool for some refreshing outdoor fun, especially on sunny evenings.

Praise and positively reinforce

Acknowledge and praise your kids when they choose to play outside. Positive reinforcement encourages them to continue engaging in outdoor activities.

Your duty on how to encourage outdoor play in kids understand no two fingers are the same. Remember, your baby is unique and his/ her interests may vary, consider it before pushing them to play backyard games.

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